John_and_Kim.Simcoe“Dear Steve and Mark:  Thanks so much for hooking up the heated floor!  We love the work that you did for us in the back room and also the bathroom upstairs!  If anyone is looking for someone to do renovations, we will certainly recommend your company as you did a timely, professional job, and all your employees are great!  Hats off for a job well done!!  Many thanks from us.” 

John & Maddie Kim

patprofile“I only had to suggest what I wanted done and Steve figured out all the details.  He listened to me and built what I wanted, not what he thought I wanted.  I highly recommend Steve.  He knows his stuff and understands his clients.”

Patricia T

michael_brewitt“Working with Steve was a pleasure when we recently completed an entire basement apartment from scratch. The flexibility he showed in working with us in order to keep the cost down was very impressive, and not offered by any other contractor we spoke with.”

Michael Brewitt

MELISSA.W“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way I can describe my ideas to Steve but he does all the figuring out. He knows the code, he has a lot of building experience, and he’s very interested in new ideas, so his expertise helps me get what I’m after. (See Melissa’s Deck here) I get to have the one-of-a-kind outcome I am after with the assurance that it’s all very well built.”


Melissa W

Karen.Brian.Golem“The place is beautiful the workmanship and pride in your work shows in so many ways. You and your crew are an amazing group of talented skilled tradesmen and woman and I am so blessed that Brian found you Steve and that you have come into our lives…..Thank you for your patience, understanding but most importantly for being a man who keeps his word and takes great pride in his work….you are a treasure!!!!!  You made my day today!”

Karen Golem

IMG_0443“Steve and his team have a relaxed friendly approach to the work and make it a joy to have them around”

Thomas L Office Administrator; Computer Tech

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