We’re different. We’re small, nice, local, and family-owned. We listen to you. We like seniors.  They keep trying to adopt us. We are known for doing what we say we will, and we do one project at a time.
We listen. We observe. We build according to your budget, not ours. We remodel homes of all sizes, all ages, and apply the same care and passion tor all of them. We can build your store and we can help you design it too.
Small jobs lead to large jobs; and large to small. We don’t know where one becomes the other, so we do both. The number one question we get from clients is: “Do you do ___ ?” the answer is YES.  Meet Our Team


How We Protect Our Clients

psychologist-clipart-clipart-pencil-checklistTimeline Journey Renovations Ltd. is licensed in Ontario. We also have full
coverage and we have a
that protects our clients in case something should happen to their home or the people in it while we are working there.
The other thing we do is give them a written contract of what we will be building or repairing. Our clients tell us they really like our contracts because they are very detailed and make it very clear exactly what they are paying us to do.


3D rendering of an architecture model, with rolled up blueprints and handwritten notes and measurements


We never rush our clients. We know that when you’re ready you’ll contact us. And when you do, we will be happy to come over and give you a Free Estimate. You are welcome to phone us, text us or email us.
Handyman Services: Phone or Text: 519-504-8482 Or you can Email us at: timelinejourneyltd@gmail.com
Home or Commercial Renovations: Steve Tennant: Phone or Text: 519-277-8463 Or you can email Steve at: timelinejourney@yahoo.com
Or  get-free-estimate_red
All the best,

Steve Tennant